Bandridge BSC172

Bandridge BSC172

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Model/Varenr.: BSC172
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Complete ste comprising pump spray applicator and anti-static cleaning pad in one plastic case for removing dust, lint, oil and fingerprints from your LCD screen


Isopropyl Alcohol-free and non-streak cleaning fluid to restore your screen to their original shine, which result in maximum definition and brightness

Durable and washable ultra-fine microfiber cleaning cloth, mounted on a soft foam that ensures a large cleaning contact area and protects against excessive pressure

Anti-static cleaning fluid for easy, safe and effective cleaning of several screens, i.e. LCD, computer/laptop and glass surfaces

Plastic holder keeps the cleaning set complete and in good condition can neatly be stored


Screen Cleaning Fluid (20ml)

Ultra-fine Microfiber Cloth on Soft Foam

Plastic Holder for Cleaning Equipment
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