Marmitek Speaker Anywhere 200

Marmitek Speaker Anywhere 200

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Model/Varenr.: 09820
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  • Enjoy your complete music collection anywhere in and around your home (bath room, kitchen, shed, etc.) wirelessly.
  • Garden party, BBQ or a romantic evening with just the two of you on the balcony? Create the perfect atmosphere with matching music.
  • High quality 2-way speaker-system, suitable for audio connections from e.g. your iPod, PC, TV, CD-/MP3-/MP4 player.
  • Place the speakers wherever you want (they operate on both batteries and mains).
  • Optimal music perception for both Mono and Stereo audio (switchable).
  • With Bass Boost for extra deep, impressive sound.
  • Easy to install and to use; automatic frequency tuning and maintenance because of Auto Tuning and PLL function.

    How does the Speaker Anywhere 200™ work?
    The set consists of a transmitter and two speakers. You connect the transmitter to your audio source (for instance the CD-player). Then you can enjoy your favorite music everywhere in and around your home wirelessly through the portable speakers. No fuss with drilling holes, pulling wires, sticking cable ducts etc.
  • Link til Marmitek: Speaker Anywhere 200

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